Topher is blessed with a creative vigor that is infectious. Yet it is more than that, as Topher has an infectious hope to strive creatively and enjoy the process of the journey.

His path is wide open.
— Michael Abbott, PRODUCER
I had the pleasure of producing “The Attackmen” for Topher. First, I must say that there are few directors that I have had as much fun working with as Topher. He possesses the rare ability to make sure that everyone has fun everyday, no matter how strenuous production can seem. Creative & collaborative, yet at the same time clear and direct with his vision. From the script, through casting, production and every inch of post, Topher was on top of every detail, ensuring the highest quality work was put forth by all.
— Brain Knappmiller, PRODUCER
Topher is genius when it comes to anything creative. He has a keen understanding of how to sell a product and work directly with a client. It was a pleasure to work with him and I enjoyed his positive attitude.
— Darren Simmons WHITE HORSE PRODUCTIONS (New Zealand)
I would like to pass on our thanks to Reel Dreams for producing two great TV ads for a reasonable cost. They were well organized and easy to work with. The planning and filming went without a hitch and the team kept to the tight time frame.
— Rosalind Goulding (Marketing Manager- Harraways & Sons.)